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Акционерное общество ”SUVMASH”

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Вниманию акционеров АО ”SUVMASH”!

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АО ”SUVMASH” Объявляет конкурс

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About company

  • Joint-stock company SUVMASH was established on February 1, 1971 to carry out in the factory conditions the capital, medium and preventive maintenance of pumping, electrical and hydraulic equipment of pumping stations,

  • In 1997, TSBESRPP was re-registered, it was given the brand name SUVMASH - a plant for the production and repair of pumps and electric machines.

  • SUVMASH was signed on February 1, 1971, the first director, Bannykh Viktor Andreevich, who worked at the enterprise from February 1, 1971 to May 5, 1975.

  • At present the enterprise produces more than 40 types of new perspective import-substituting pumps and units such as ECV, K, NK, D, А50Г, А40ГЦ, АЗОГЦ, СНП500 / 10, СНЭ200 / 5, УПП200 / 5, ГРУ, control cabinets for the protection system ..

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