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JSC "SUVMASH" was established on February 1, 1971 and earlier had the name of CBECEC (Central Base of the Experimental Specialized Repair and Production Enterprise) Order No. 53 of the Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and in 1997, On the initiative of the enterprise management and on the basis of the decision of the Khokim Bektemir district of Tashkent for No. 242 dated May 7, 1997, the CBECEC was re-registered and given the firm name SUVMASH - plant for the production and repair of pumps and electric machines, certificate No. 657.

According to the Decision of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Order No. 215-P dated on 25th of July 2001, on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 119 dated March 9, 2001 "On Further Measures on Denationalization and Privatization of Enterprises Involving Foreign Investors 2001-2002" Property and became an Open Joint Stock Company SUVMASH. According to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 6, 2014 No. ZRU-370 "On Joint Stock Companies and Protection of Shareholder Rights" and the Company's Charter approved at the General Meeting was renamed into Joint Stock Company "SUVMASH".

The enterprise was established for the needs of operation of pumping stations, automation, telemechanics and communication facilities of the Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Management and is intended for capital, medium and preventive repair of pump, electrical and hydraulic equipment of pumping stations, vertical drainage systems, manufacture of electric pump units intended for supply Water from boreholes, wells, water reservoirs and reservoirs, manufacturing of spare parts for pumping equipment, and t Also for the construction of industrial and civil construction projects, metal structures, technical equipment and non-standardized equipment.

Over the years, a whole series of screw lifts, hydraulic seals, air release valves and vacuum breakers, installed and currently operating on hydraulic structures in Central Asia and Africa, has been developed and manufactured.

With high quality and on time, the company carried out orders for the manufacture of metal structures and technological equipment for important industrial and civil construction projects, in particular for the construction of a water shut-off valve factory (Irgidromash), Tashkent Motor Plant, Tashkent TV Tower, Foundry, Tuyamuyun hydroelectric complex, Tupalang reservoir, Amu-Bukhara motor canal, as well as for other water construction facilities.

Much attention was paid to the development of the manufacture of spare parts, the repair of pumping and power equipment, high-voltage transformers and electric motors with a capacity of more than 100 kW.

Until recently, all pumping products were imported from outside of Uzbekistan, the plant's management set a task in parallel with the release of mobile pumping stations СНП 500/10, A 50ГO with production repair of well pumps to develop in the near future the production of new downhole pumps of its own production. , Since 1984 the plant has started to carry out activities for the preparation of necessary documentation, manufacturing of tooling and accessories, the acquisition of special equipment for mastering Downhole pumps.

And in 1987 the production of the first electric centrifugal well ЭЦВ 10-160-35 was mastered. Beginning in 1990, and especially after the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Mustachillik program was developed at the plant, the main objective of this program, the organization of industrial production of pumping and power equipment with the maximum use of local raw materials, taking into account the development of a particularly important nomenclature in batch production Reduction of Uzbekistan's dependence on external supplies of pumping and power equipment and spare parts.

With the most effective participation of factory workers in 1991, a tour was given to the life of the target program for the development of new types of pumping products, the so-called "Pump" program. According to this program for the period until 1995, the plant's staff was faced with a huge task to develop a number of pumping equipment that had not been produced before in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in particular a whole range of downhole electric pump units, such as ЭЦВ 10-160-35MK In 1990 for the replacement of previously manufactured ЭТС 10-160-35G), ЭЦВ12-255-30G, ЭЦВ10-120-80, ЭЦВ 8-16-160 electric pump units of the type "Д" and "К".

To solve this very important national economic problem, a special design bureau was set up at the plant, whose tasks include the development and creation of new promising, competitive types of pumping and power equipment, with the possibility of shortening the terms of development in batch production, subject to the use of the existing machine tool park And the use of technologies to produce pumps for

Joint Stock Company "SUVMASH" produces:

Electropump units centrifugal wells of "ЭЦВ" type:


















Units electropump centrifugal horizontal double entry type "Д":

Д320-50 (6НДВ);

Д630-90 (8НДВ);

Д1250-65 (12НДС);


Д1600-90 (14НДС);




Pumping stations:









Units electropump centrifugal cantilever type "K":

К40-32-128 (К8/18);

К50-32-125 (К8/18);

К65-50-152 (К20/30);

К80-65-160 (К45/30);

К80-50-200 (К45/55);

К80-50-200 (КМ45/55);

К100-80-160 (К90/35);

К100-65-200 (К90/55);

К100-65-250 (К90/85));

К200-150-268 (К290/18);

К200-125-330) (К290/30).

Units electropump cantilever (ground) type "ГРУ":


The units are electropump cantilever (oil) type "6НК":





Cabinets for protection and control of ШЗУ (from 1 to 250 kW):









ШЗУ010-001 «Аскад»;

ШЗУ040-002 «Аскад»;

ШЗУ062-003 «Аскад»;

ШЗУ090-004 «Аскад».

Manufacture of rotors for pumps such as "Д" and "ЦН";

Spare parts for pumps;

Produces major repairs:

Pumps, electric motors and high-voltage transformers.


New perspective designs of pumps, electric pump units and pumping stations.

At the plant, the advanced technological processes of various industries are introduced into production, these are:

- Repair and restoration of hull parts of pumps using adhesive polymer compositions;

- restoration of shafts and impellers by the method of surfacing under a layer of flux and in the environment of carbon dioxide;

- manufacture of stamped welded impellers.

In order to provide legal protection for the produced and projected products of the plant, as well as the creation of economic, legal and organizational conditions for the development of inventions and scientific and technical creativity, the plant carries out patent and licensing work.

To date, the plant is the patent owner of more than 10 security certificates for industrial property.

These are two certificates for a trademark, one of which is registered in the Russian Federation, nine patents for invention and one utility model.

At the plant market research is conducted, the market is being studied, the demand for manufactured pumping products is being formed, the prospective buyers are being searched. There is a positive impression of the produced electric pump units, in general about the enterprise and its leader, films are being created about the plant and its multinational team, the image of the enterprise is being developed.

For many years the company has repeatedly exhibited its products at numerous exhibitions and fairs:

- for participation in the second Tashkent trade and industrial fair (1996), the ship was awarded with the diploma of the fair - for active participation in the preparation and holding of the fair;

- For participation in the third Tashkent trade and industrial fair (1998) - the plant is awarded with an honorable diploma of the fair for the introduction of advanced technologies, entered the top ten enterprises of the city of Tashkent;

- for participation in the fourth Tashkent commercial and industrial fair (2000) received a 1-diploma for the best exposition, design and design.

In March 1999, JSC "SUVMASH" participated in the exhibition "Made in Uzbekistan".

In August-September 1999, the company took part in the 46th International Exhibition in Damascus in the Syrian Arab Republic, where it represented competitive and export-oriented, electrically-driven pump units that meet modern requirements.

On October 25, 1999 SUVMASH JSC in Geneva, Switzerland, at the XXIV International Convention in the presence of representatives of business circles of many countries of the world, quality specialists, economists, academicians and representatives of the diplomatic corps was awarded the International Gold Star of Quality.

In 2001 in France France at XVIII International Convention WQC JSC "SUVMASH" was awarded the International Platinum Star for Quality (INTERNATIONAL PLATINUM STAR FOR QUALITY). JSC "SUVMASH" became a member of the Global Partner Club, a member of the BID Selection Committee, which allows participating in the selection of enterprises that comply with the norms of the CCIOO and provide them for the International Prize.

Participation of representatives of the plant at Global forums of business representatives and receiving International prizes is a very important step in the history of not only JSC SUVMASH, but first of all it is another recognition of our independent Uzbekistan, its own model of economic, political and social development.

This award obliges the company's staff to further accelerate the introduction of new technologies, expand and develop new types of pumping products, improve product quality and modernize production.

The company operates a quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001. The quality control system is controlled at all stages of the technological process of assembling pumping products.

The gold fund of the plant is personnel: - it's competent managers, highly competent specialists, highly qualified turners, bore-mills, milling machines, modelers, tool-fitters, fitters and many others. They make a huge contribution to the development of the plant, transfer their vast experience and knowledge to the younger generation, those who in the future will multiply all the best that has been achieved over the past 46 years.

For the past time, the directors worked with the company:

- Bannikh Victor Andreevich from 01.02.1971 to 05.03.1975.

- Alimov Fayzulla Khairullaevich from 05.03.1975 to 05.01.1978.

- Zorin Boris Fedorovich from 06.01.1978 to 03.09.1980g.

- Prorokov Igor Aleksandrovich from 03.10.1980 to 21.12.1985g.

- Aldamjarov Januzak Mahatovich from 14.03.1986 to 25.01.1990.

- Prorokov Igor Aleksandrovich from 25.01.1990 to 10.08.2010.

- Gololenkov Oleg Vladimirovich from 10/08/2010 to 30/06/2016.

- Suvonov Shahriddin Abdumurotovich since 01.07.2016. On 18.11.2016.

- Jurabekov Alisher Ismailovich from December 23, 2016 to the present.

JSC "SUVMASH" is a large multinational team that has vast experience and its established traditions, do not forget retirees, veterans of war and labor here, and help large families. Much attention is paid to the creation of normal conditions for work, study and recreation, a significant part of the profit is spent on the development of social infrastructure. In solemn atmosphere our team celebrates the holidays "NAVRUZ", "MUSTAKILLIK", "DAY OF PROTECTION OF THE FATHERLAND", "DAY OF MEMORY AND HONORS", "DAY OF PROTECTION OF CHILDREN".

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